06-606: Computational Methods for Process Engineering

The goal of this course is to cover methods for solution and optimization for engineering systems described by nonlinear algebraic and/or differential equations. The course will deal with solution strategies and nonlinear programming methods, and some properties of Differential/Algebraic systems. Applications will concentrate on process engineering as well as mechanical and nonlinear control systems. Course assignments will involve a modest amount of programming and use of MATLAB, GAMS, Python and other software.

Course Description

Course Syllabus

Handouts and Assignments

Assignment 1 / Homework Solution 1

Assignment 2 / Homework Solution 2

Assignment 3 / Homework Solution 3

Assignment 4 / Homework Solution 4

Assignment 5 / Homework Solution 5

Assignment 6 / Homework Solution 6

Assignment 7 / Homework Solution 7

Assignment 8

Practice Exam 1

Practice Exam 2

Supplemental Material

This material will be useful for clarifying some material in the lectures.

Tearing Example

Linear Systems

Nonlinear Equations

Nonlinear Programming

Ordinary Differential Equations

Parameter Estimation

Differential Algebraic Equations

Differential Algebraic Optimization

Brief GAMS Tutorial

Dynamic GAMS Example

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